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The importance of a Spring tune up.

We all know how much better our home feels after a good Spring cleaning. After months of the whole family being cooped up to avoid the harsh winter weather the house can feel cramped and stuffy. But what about the effect all of this has had on the home physically. It is just as important to do a through inspection of your home to see what maintenance is needed, as it is to clean and organize after a long cold winter.

The winter weather can take a serious toll on the exterior of you home. These are normally simple enough to repair with a few days of maintenance, but can quickly turn into extremely costly repairs if left un-handled. On average a minor situation left alone will cost 10X more to repair once it grows into something that will force action.

BHI Contracting has been helping clients preserve their homes for years. Our staff can help you start the process by generating an inspection checklist custom fit to your property. This allows us to do a swift and detailed inspection of all areas that are distressed and in need of maintenance.

Call BHI to set up you Spring inspection.

Picking up the pieces after Super Storm Sandy

Unfortunately over the past two years we have become unintentional experts in the disaster relief and emergency home repair area. We never expected or intended to fall into this, but given the storms we have all seen there really was no choice.

After Hurricane Irene and the freak October snowstorm last year we were able to help many of you with the emergency repairs and insurance claims that were needed. It was our pleasure to help many of you get back to normal after the dust settled from these two storms. And unfortunately we find ourselves in the same situation again this year with Hurricane Sandy (or Supper Storm, Frankenstorm, Hybrid Storm, etc.).

This time, with last years experience under our belt, we have been able to respond to our clients needs much faster and more efficiently. We have also teamed up with a great group of independent insurance adjusters to help our clients receive the appropriate compensation to get their home repaired the way it should be.

We have finally wrapped up all of the emergency situations for our clients. The past few days have been extremely busy and we appreciate the patience everyone has had. We have helped clear roads, secured homes, set up generators and finally are caught up on getting all of our clients safe.

We will now be focusing on getting everyone back to normal with permanent repairs to any damage that was done. If you need anything from tree/brush clearing to window, roofing or siding repairs please let us know asap. We will be finalizing all estimates and schedules over the next few days so we can mobilize crews asap.

If you do need anything our staff will be available over the weekend and all next week to come and asses the damage and create a plan for repairs.

Thank you for your patience while we respond to everyone as quickly as possible and we look forward to helping you get back to normal.

Frankenstorm to hit Connecticut

Hurricane Sandy to merge

with a Polar Cold Front


“State and local officials are urging residents to prepare for what me be a monster storm, currently making its way toward Connecticut’s coastline.

Hurricane Sandy has been called a “Frankenstorm” by the National Weather Service, due to an “unusual merger” of meteorological forces. As of Thursday evening the Category 2 hurricane was in the Bahamas, north of Cuba, but is expected to merge with a polar cold front to create a “hybrid vortex” and some uncertainty” NH Register

While we hope this does not happen and spoil Halloween again, we are preparing. We helped many of you during the similar storms last year and are ready for service again. We can help with any emergency service you might need. From clearing downed trees to Generator installation we have become your one call for emergency storm response.

In addition to our regular email and phone lines you can reach Jordan our President at (203) 994 9709 in case of emergencies.

How can you tell if your home has hidden structural problems?

Many homes, both new and old have hidden structural problems.

Historic buildings often have a much higher level of craftsmanship put into their construction.  However these homes did not have the benefit of more modern materials and techniques and have often been significantly modified over the years. I have seen many examples of this. Like a load bearing wall entirely removed during the construction of an addition or a key support posts eliminated to allow for a larger car to fit into a garage. Other times it could just be the age of the building combined with improper repairs over the years.

Newer homes, even brand new homes, can have similar problems or have simply suffered from a lack craftsmanship from those who have worked on it. Sometimes builders would skimp on materials in a large development to save a few bucks, or a last minute change to the floor plan during construction and moved a key support for the floor above. Often times during the “boom” years of construction issues like this got lost in the shuffle.

There are some simple ways to tell if you might have a hidden problem with the structure of your house.

1. Take a look at your home from a distance. Does everything look straight and square? Can you see bows or waves in the roof?

2. Inspect your home for cracks. Look at the walls and foundation both inside and out. Are the cracks wider at one end than the other? What direction does the crack go? Has the crack grown over the years?

3. Do your floors bounce or sag? Look for humps and dips around the home. Stand on your toes and quickly drop to your heals in the middle of a room. Does the floor bounce or shake?

4. Test all of your windows and doors. Do they all operate freely without binding or gaps when closed?

If you have any questions regarding the stability of your home Bull Home Improvement would be happy to answer them for you. Aside from the usual projects like kitchens, additions, etc. we have years of experience with structural diagnosis and repair. We have repaired  historic buildings from the 1700′s as well as homes built in the 80′s and 90′s that some how slipped through the cracks. Whether you need a small repair or something as large as jacking up the home and replacing the foundation, we have the experience to handle the job for you.

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