3 Ductless Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Having your air conditioning system break down during the hottest part of the summer can make life miserable. The best way to reduce your chances of an untimely AC failure is to perform regular maintenance on your ductless air conditioning system.

1. Have Your System Professionally Inspected Once a Year

You should contact a ductless air conditioning repair Arlington MA, company to perform a professional inspection of your system once a year. The technician will perform a thorough inspection of your unit and recommend any maintenance or repairs that need to be done. The technician may also perform a system cleaning and tune-up at the same time. This annual inspection can help you avoid being without your AC during the hot part of the summer and reduce the chances of you needing expensive emergency repairs. It is best to schedule this inspection in the spring before the weather starts to heat up.

2. Clean the Filters Regularly

Ductless systems rely on free-flowing air circulation to operate properly. Dirty filters will decrease the efficiency of your unit, which may shorten its life and cost you more money in energy bills. They may also cause damage to the unit that could result in expensive repairs or even the need for replacement. 

3. Clean the Condenser Coils

You can have this step done by a professional, or you can do it yourself. Make sure you turn off the power to your system and give it at least an hour to cool down first. You can then use a soft, dry cloth to clean the condenser and other components and look for any mold, mildew, ice or condensation. If you spot any problems, you should contact a professional for repairs.

A well-maintained ductless air conditioner system will operate more efficiently and be less likely to break down. These three tips can help you keep your system functioning throughout the summer.