5 Tree Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Home maintenance goes beyond your interior. It is the exterior as well. That means maintaining your yard or lawn to make your home more appealing. And if you have planted trees in your yard, you also need to learn how to take care of them. Otherwise, they will just be an eyesore, and at some point, they might pose a danger to you and your family if branches almost fell. To ensure your trees thrive and look good, here are some maintenance tips you should know about.

Get Pests and Diseases Under Control

Some homeowners do not put as much effort into dealing with pests or diseases affecting their trees as they would if it was a vegetable garden. However, your trees also contribute to the beauty of your home, and they need some attention as well. Pests and diseases will affect the growth of your tree. Even where you have worked hard to keep your trees healthy, they can reverse this process. Inspect your trees from time to time, keeping an eye for unusual changes like fungi on the bark or spots on the leaves. If you notice such signs, you need professional plant healthcare services to help you deal with the issues.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is like giving your tree a haircut. Doing it consistently gives your tree a lovely and healthy look. Cutting off those dead leaves and branches allows new ones to grow. If you notice that your tree is growing out of control, consider getting tree service Charlotte-based to trim it and prevent it from getting too close to your home. Keep in mind that tree branches can be a danger to your home, especially during severe weather. If loose branches break, they can crash onto your roof or your windows, causing some serious damage.


Besides the decorative aspect of mulch, it also has other uses for your plants, trees included. One of its many uses is to help the soil retain as much water as possible. And if you are in a dry region, your trees could do with some mulch. The amount of mulch one needs depends on the number of trees you own and their size. But for the best results, you will need to spread about 3 to 10 ft of mulch around the tree.  


Trees need to be watered regularly, especially when they are still young. Water helps transport nutrients to all parts of the tree and also helps it stand upright. Older trees do not need watering as much. They have expansive root systems that allow them to draw water underground. Since young trees still have small roots, they will need more watering to grow.

Fertilize if Necessary

Fertilizing your trees regularly allows them to grow to their full potential. You can fertilize the young trees until you see significant growth. Mature trees do not need fertilizing, but doing so does not harm them. To decide which fertilizer to use, test the soil to know the nutrients your trees lack.  

While your trees may be a decorative element in your lawn, they also have other uses, such as providing fresh air around your home. The tips mentioned above can help you ensure that your trees stay healthy and strong.