How to Gardening in a safe manner

Usually when you checkout the forest you will be surprised to see that no tree has got the ring around itself with hostas and bricks and this is the reason why even you shouldn’t. 

  • Roots are the most important part of tree: Though we might not be able to see the roots of a tree, these are very important for a tree. The root of a tree anchors the tree while keeping it safe from falling down during storms and wind. They take the water, oxygen and other nutrients that a tree needs for its survival. 

  • Healthy roots mean healthy tree: A tree can remain healthy only when it has the healthy teeth. Trees like cherry, maple, beech, dogwood have shallow roots that grow laterally just below the soil and trees like sweet gum, white oak etc have vertical and deep roots. 

  • Landscape in a way that trees roots aren’t harmed: Before you go for landscaping look for the various root growth habits of the trees which you have. It also helps you to plant another one near the existing plant without damaging the primary plant. Sometimes planting the beds around or near trees might damage the tree and it may die in certain cases.

  • Common landscaping mistakes: The ornamental trees and shades have lateral roots or shallow roots while they are very sensitive to damage. When you place the cookie cutter planting rings of hostas around the trees their roots may get damaged and ultimately lead to death and decay of the shade trees. Whenever you try to dig or find a brick or stone around the tree, it may damage the roots through which the tree actually takes nutrients and water. When the roots get cut the tree is also prone to several diseases and pests.

  • Damaged bark or truck encourages diseases: When you damage, cut the bark, its prone to various diseases. To keep the shade trees healthy don’t build any beds around the trees which may need digging or cutting of roots. One should also keep it in mind that trees need a lot of water to live. Make sure the plants have the right kind of irrigation system. 
  • Make sure to use small hand tools while planting trees around: Digging the planting holes around a tree root may cause a great level of damage to trees. So, make use of small plant seedlings, bulbs, or those with small root structure.