5 Types of Interior Paint Finishes To Choose From

When choosing the right paint for your next home improvement project, consider the type of room you are decorating and the durability you require. When doing interior painting Galt CA, first look at the types of finishes available.

1. Matte and Flat

Matte has a very low-gloss finish, while flat has none. Flat is ideal for ceilings and interior walls, as it is easily touched up. Matte gives the walls a velvety texture, while flat has more of a chalky look to it. Matte is easier to clean than flat.

2. Eggshell Finish

As the name implies, an eggshell paint provides a subtle sheen and a smooth, soft finish. In regards to luster, it is only one step above a matte finish. It works great when used in a bedroom or on a ceiling. It is perfect for a space that doesn’t get much traffic that could get it dirty.

3. Satin

Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, a satin finish has some sheen to it. It is also fitting for trim and molding throughout the home. It holds up especially well to cleaning and scrubbing. Its only drawback is that because it is glossy, imperfections in the wall such as cracks or patches tend to be more visible.

4. Semi-Gloss

More reflective than satin, semi-gloss gives your walls a polished and shiny appearance. It can be used in places that hold a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Although it is easier to clean than other types, semi-gloss will reveal the most imperfections as well.

5. High-Gloss

Super-shiny and light-reflecting, high-gloss gives surfaces an almost mirrorlike effect. It is perfect for accent pieces such as cabinets, doors, molding, and trim. Although it is the most difficult to apply, it is also the easiest to keep clean. The only drawback is that blemishes are more visible.

Selecting paint for your home should be a fun event! Experiment with color and shine and test it on your wall until you are comfortable with the decision you have made.