6 Main Characteristics of Modern Interior Design

The modern interior design style is often characterized by its simplicity and minimalism. It features clean lines, open spaces, and an uncluttered look. But what are the other main characteristics of modern interior design? This post will explore six key features defining modern interior design style. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Geometric Shapes

You’ve probably seen pictures of modern interiors before and noticed how they often contain a lot of geometric shapes. The minimalist nature of the design style means that furniture pieces are often squared-off or feature sharp angles. This gives the overall design a stark look while creating an illusion of more space inside the room.

2. Uncluttered Spaces

Modern interiors are known for being very open and uncluttered. This is achieved by using primarily bare walls, with not much in the way of decoration. Furniture pieces are often kept to a minimum, which limits how much clutter can be present in the room. The lack of many decorations also creates more space inside the room.

3. Monochromatic Color Schemes

Typically, modern interiors use a monochromatic color scheme to unify the look of the entire space. This means that all the colors in the room are either a shade of white, gray, or black. Other colors are often not used throughout the design process for this style. This limited color scheme is simplistic and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The best interior designer Denver-based can offer will help create an overall sense of calmness in the room and make it easier to accessorize your living space down the line.

4. Mostly Natural/Organic Materials

Most modern interiors make use of natural and organic materials in design. These can include anything from marble countertops to wooden floorboards. Such materials are meant to create a clean and simple appearance inside the room. In some cases, designers use cotton or wool carpeting instead of synthetic alternatives. Together, these organic materials aid in creating a more natural atmosphere inside your living space.

5. Limited Decorations

Modern interiors typically do not include much in interior design elements. Many items are considered clutter by most designers of this style and thus should be avoided inside your home. Instead, focus on decorating with a limited number of pieces that you find aesthetically pleasing. Doing so will help keep your overall design minimal, allowing you to enjoy living in the space you call home.

6. Flexible/Functional Design

Another main feature of modern interior design is flexibility and functionality. The style typically uses very open floor plans, which can easily be adapted in the future if needed. The minimalist nature of the design style also makes it easy to accessorize your home without overcrowding the room with too many items.

It’s okay if you’re not familiar with the modern interior design style yet. That is probably one of the reasons why you are reading this article right now! Modern interiors have been gaining in popularity over the last few decades. Its simplicity and flexibility have made it a go-to design choice for many homeowners worldwide.