Decorating Your Wooden Fence

If your backyard is surrounded by a fence, you might be looking for ways to break up that expanse of wood with fun decorations. Paying attention to the way your outdoor spaces look can make living in these spaces much more enjoyable. Here are a few ways to decorate your fence.

Garden Tools

If your wooden fence Lake County IL is mostly solid, you have plenty of surface area to hang decorations from. Consider your fence as you would an interior wall in terms of adding art. Multiple small items can work together to cover a large area and can be more affordable than one large piece of art. A grouping of old garden tools can add interest to your outdoor space and make it feel appropriately outdoor-themed. These can often be bought inexpensively at flea markets and auctions.


If you drill holes in your wooden fence and fill those holes with glass marbles, you’ll create an interesting display of colors. You can arrange the marbles randomly, or place them carefully to create a design. Whichever style you choose, you’ll love the glow that is created when the sun shines through your fence at just the right angle. Your fence will suddenly be filled with miniature stained glass windows.


Using hanging planters along your fence can be a great way to add color. Plant a variety of flowers to brighten up your fence. If you choose some flowers that are trailing vines and others that are more upright, you’ll add an extra layer of visual interest to your design.

Placing a variety of small succulent plants inside of a wooden picture frame is another great way to add interest with plants. Moss and grass can also be used in this way. The different textures practically beg you to come and touch them.

Remember to include your wooden fence when you’re decorating your outdoor spaces. This large blank canvas can be home to any number of styles of art and decor.