Five Tips For Beautiful Farmhouse Exteriors

A white farmhouse exterior is an easy way to achieve the classic look of a farmhouse without sacrificing modern design elements. This color scheme blends seamlessly with the trim, giving the exterior a clean, crisp look. White exteriors look particularly beautiful with a dark front door, which adds a touch of modern flair. A white exterior is also a popular choice for farmhouses, although contemporary accents are also an excellent option. Here are five tips for creating a farmhouse exterior that will stand out from the crowd.

A modern white farmhouse exterior takes advantage of the greenery surrounding the home. White panels contrast beautifully with dark green trees and a dark roof, bringing out the general contours of the exterior design. For a similarly simple and clean appearance, try a smooth painted dark brick. Adding an accent wall of brick is another great way to achieve this look. If you want to avoid using bricks, you can use smooth, white-painted siding.

The facade of this contemporary white farmhouse makes use of the surrounding vegetation. Black green trees and a dark roof contrast wonderfully with white panels, highlighting the overall curves of the external design. Try a smooth painted black brick for a similar plain and tidy effect. Another excellent approach to get this effect is to add a brick accent wall. Use smooth, white-painted siding as an alternative to bricks.