Getting Your Backyard Ready for Fun

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for years to do a backyard makeover – why wait? A nice backyard can mean hours of fun for the whole family.

Think of Safety First

First thing’s first – make sure your backyard is safe. Invest in pool covers Orange County to prevent accidental drowning (pool covers also help to conserve water and keep debris from getting into your pool). Check out these other tips that Safewise offers to keep your backyard safe for you and your kids.  


If you have a big yard (or maybe even if you have a small yard), it can be quite daunting to even think about landscaping it. Where do you start? And what do you do if you don’t have a lot of money?

If you have a big yard, one idea is to create different areas – instead of one huge project, break your yard up into different “zones.” For instance, have one zone for your vegetable garden, one zone for the kids to play in, and one zone where you have a raised garden for flowers. It is much easier to plan for different areas than to think of your yard as one huge project.

Build a Fire Bowl

Creating a space in your backyard for a relaxing evening in front of a fire doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. You can buy a fire bowl (with so many options you are sure to find one you like), or you can build one yourself with one of the many creative techniques you can find online. If you do have a big backyard, you can decide where to place a fire bowl and then landscape around it as a start.

If you never spend time in your backyard, you could be missing out on some great family fun. A backyard can provide hours of entertainment and relaxation – enjoy!