Handyman Services: How to Save Time and Money on Home Repairs

It isn’t easy to keep up with building maintenance when you have a full-time job. So, minor issues like a chipped ceiling tile or a squeaky door tend to get overlooked.

Handymen can also take care of smaller tasks, such as installing smart home appliances like video doorbells and virtual assistants.

Fixture Replacement

Many household fixtures wear out or break with regular use. Handyman services Lynnwood WA can help replace these items, including cabinets, light fixtures, built-in mirrors, shower heads, and more.

Handymen can install new door hardware like deadbolts and handles and help with minor tile replacement and grout work. Additionally, they can help with senior-specific home upgrades, like walk-in tubs and stairlift installation.

When you hire a professional for fixture replacement services, be sure to communicate clearly about what each project will entail. Grouping several smaller jobs can maximize your handyperson’s time and help you save money on labor costs. Also, be sure to have a timeline agreed upon before hiring someone for the job. This will ensure the professional arrives on time and completes all requested tasks.


Leaky faucets and clogged drains can lead to mold and mildew. Handymen can repair or replace these fixtures and stop water waste. In addition, they can make green improvements like pipe insulation that saves energy and water.

You probably don’t have time to repaint a wall or fix a squeaky door yourself. Handyman services can take care of these small jobs so you can focus on your work.

Some handyperson services can also take on medium-level carpentry projects, such as building shelving or tiling. However, if the job is too extensive for the handyman, they must call in a licensed professional. Creating estimates and quotes with a list of services set in stone is easy with professional software. This eliminates inefficiencies and human error when pricing each task.


Many home fixtures, like built-in mirrors, cabinets, and lighting systems, can be replaced by a handyperson without needing a licensed electrician. However, a licensed professional must do complex electrical work, such as rewiring and installing ceiling fans.

A few minor electrical services a handyperson can offer include replacing light bulbs, repairing switches and outlets, and installing home security cameras and equipment. They can also change or upgrade smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Handymen can also offer minor carpentry services. For instance, they can build bookshelves and other interior storage solutions and refinish or repair wall trims/skirting boards. They can even perform basic winterization jobs, such as caulking and weatherstripping. You can easily add these handyperson services to your list and create quotes and estimates using Jobber.


Regular activities in a home can cause damage to flooring, usually looking like dings and dents from furniture or shoes. Handymen have the skills and tools to repair these minor issues quickly without refinishing the entire floor.

Furniture assembly is another common handyperson service call, and it can make a significant difference for a client who wants to enjoy their new purchase without the hassle of putting it together themselves. Some handyperson services also offer interior winterization, which includes tasks like installing window film and insulation around doors and windows.

For clients who want to upgrade their homes with modern technology, some handymen have the expertise to install a smart ceiling fan, thermostat, or light switch. Some even handle small carpentry jobs, like building storage solutions or bookshelves.


Handyman services can repaint rooms and exteriors, as well as replace trim. They can also refinish wood surfaces, such as cabinets and countertops.

Doors are frequently used and must be opened and closed often, so they can quickly show signs of wear and tear. That usually appears in the form of dings and dents on the surface but can lead to problems like warps or even the door not opening properly anymore.

Furniture assembly is a common service offered by handypersons, who can assemble things like beds and bookshelves. They can also do interior winterization tasks, such as installing or repairing window film and weather stripping. They can also install and hang curtains and blinds. This includes making sure they fit correctly and are secure.