Outdoor Entertaining Ideas and Inspiration

Party planners or those who just enjoy hosting friends and family for outdoor entertaining will find these creative ideas and tips invaluable.

Start by setting up a small bar in your outdoor living space. Serve refreshing cocktails, lemonade and desserts for guests to enjoy.

Create a drink station for easy access to glasses and mixers, or set up a dessert stand to keep things organized.

Backyard Movie Night

Hosting a backyard movie night is an excellent way to entertain family and friends during the summer. Whether it’s for kids’ birthday parties, family BBQs, 4th of July celebrations or date nights with just your significant other, it will be something everyone will enjoy.

For a successful movie night, provide comfy seating, delicious food and plenty of drinks. To make it extra special, add some decorative touches like string lights or lanterns and set the atmosphere with candles.

A DIY snack stand is an entertaining way to serve popcorn, candy and ice cream during the show. All you have to do is clothespin paper bags onto a trellis and your kids can help themselves without disrupting other guests by helping themselves!

Making your guests feel special at the entrance of an outdoor theater is another fun idea to add some elegance. A red carpet is a quick and easy way to dress up the area, adding an air of grandeur to your party.

Portable Screen

If you’re hosting a family movie night in your backyard, consider investing in a portable screen. These screens are easy to set up and take down, plus many come with built-in speakers for convenient listening.

If a motorized screen isn’t your thing, try hanging one on a wall or ceiling instead. Some even come with remotes to help you store it away when not in use.

Some portable monitors rely on your laptop’s power, and the higher the resolution, the more it drains that battery. Therefore, we suggest investing in a portable screen with either an integrated battery or USB Type-C port that can connect directly to your own power source.

4K resolution brings out vibrant colors and stunning contrast ratios, making it the ideal choice for gaming, watching movies or TV shows, working on presentations or editing images and video content. It can also offer superior clarity when zooming in or out on objects.

Makeshift Outdoor Theatre

Hosting a family movie night or hosting friends for an outdoor theatre can be tons of fun. All you need to do is set up your projector, outdoor screen and snacks – and voila! You’re ready for an unforgettable movie night in no time!

When selecting seating for outdoor entertaining, opt for pieces that are both comfortable and functional. Floor cushions and low-slung chairs with outdoor appeal like Adirondack chairs or loungers are a great place to start.

If you plan to have a few people watch the show together, consider adding additional pieces such as rugs, poufs or pillows to your outdoor theater space. Not only will these enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but they offer extra places for lounging as well – especially if you have kids or pets who need space to stretch their legs while watching the show!

You can also opt for lighting that provides just enough illumination without glare, such as LED lanterns or string lights. Candles and tiki torches are also cost-effective options to create an inviting ambiance.

Backyard Games

Planning a backyard party or just looking for ways to keep the kids and guests entertained outdoors? Outdoor games can make your time spent outside more enjoyable. Take into account how much space you have available as well as what types of activities your participants enjoy.

Water games are an ideal way to keep your guests active and having a blast! A simple activity like water balloon toss will be sure to please everyone, plus it’s simple to set up and take down afterwards.

Bocce is an entertaining lawn game that brings everyone together. Players compete to roll the bocce ball (or disc, as it’s known) close to the pallino (little ball) as possible.

If you’re in search of a more competitive game, Spikeball is the perfect option. Similar to volleyball but requiring three alternating touches to get the ball back onto the net, this outdoor activity not only entertains but also exercises your mind and can improve mental health.