Pros and Cons of Various Home Heating Options

As the leaves begin to fall, are you ready for the chill of winter? There are many options for heating your home, each with different qualities. Here are some of the pros and cons of a few of the most popular choices. 

Heating Oil

Some homes rely on a tank of oil to fuel the heating system, especially in remote locations that don’t have access to natural gas lines. These tanks are usually in the basement or backyard, and owners can schedule oil delivery Haskell NJ to deposit a large quantity of fuel at one time. The benefit of this system is that heating oil is very safe to use. It only burns in the combustion chamber under high pressure and at temperatures over 500 degrees. The only thing to keep in mind with heating oil is that the prices fluctuate during the year, so it’s best to get your tank filled during the summer when the demand is low. 

Solar Panels

In areas where there is a lot of sunshine, utilizing this natural energy source is another option. Installing solar panels on your roof collects the heat from the sun and works with a pump to warm your house. Though this is an energy-efficient way to heat your home, it is dependant on the weather. On cloudy days you have to use traditional heating methods. 

Radiant Floor Heating

If you can’t install a heating oil tank or solar panels, another alternative is radiant heating. This system uses superheated water, which flows through pipes under the floor. A gas or electric boiler heats the water, which makes it available in many urban areas. Using radiant heat is ideal for people with allergies because it doesn’t rely on blowing air to transfer heat. When choosing this route, it’s essential to realize that this system works best with ceramic tile flooring because it maintains its temperature for a long time, while carpet will interfere with the heat transfer process.