Protect Your Roof From Snow Threats

One of the biggest threats to the well-being of roofs each winter is the weight of heavy snow. Too much weight on the roof can lead to sagging and even a caved-in roof if the problem isn’t addressed. The snow itself isn’t the only danger to consider. Other risks of winter snow include:

  • Ice dams that form on flat roofs when the snow melts and then refreezes.
  • Melting snow that runs into the gutters and refreezes.
  • Icicles that form because gutters are full of debris and can’t handle the amount of snowmelt runoff.
  • Melting snow that flows into small cracks on the roof and then refreezes.

Your first thoughts may be about removing snow as quickly as possible, but most snow removal efforts may be more dangerous than leaving the snow. For example, shovels or chemicals can damage roofing materials. You also put yourself at risk when you climb onto a slick, icy, or wet roof.

Complete Seasonal Maintenance

There are some solutions you can consider before winter weather hits. Some of these steps include basic seasonal maintenance. For example, you should clean the dirt and leaves and other debris out of your gutters a few times a year. If you notice damaged or missing shingles on the roof, repair them before wet weather comes around. Pay attention to how securely the gutters and flashing are fastened to the roof.

Use a Snow Alarm System

Large homes and buildings with extensive roofing may be equipped with snow alarm systems. These systems may rely on a snow load calculator that monitors the weight on the roof all day, every day. Sensors installed on the joists of the roof prompt timely warnings, so you can reach out to professionals who safely and appropriately remove the snow.

Could your building benefit from technology that monitors the weight of snow on your roof? If you prefer to take proactive steps for avoiding damage, then this could be a good option for you.