Trendy Furniture Designs for Modern Homes

Furniture trends change with time, but it should last. That’s why homeowners are investing in custom furniture that can be designed to fit their houses and way of life too.

Shelagh Conway and Ginger Curtis look to nature as they predict what will be big in 2024 – and they think earthy neutrals will take over from harsher, more unforgiving design colours.


    Minimalism is having a moment; at least according to Bottega Veneta and Staud who both released 2024 collections which feature the sleek hue.

    What has become an increasingly popular (and divisive) trend around the globe isn’t just for people with Billie Eilish-level budgets anymore. It doesn’t mean living in empty homes devoid of character; instead it means decluttering so that only objects which have meaning or serve a purpose are kept.

    Rural Victoria shows how country comfort can work alongside minimalist minimalism. A stripped back redesign and rear extension of an existing Victorian house, this home features clean lines while celebrating its natural surroundings. Light timber tones add texture while soft textures balance out its polished look.


      Biophilia was one of the biggest trends of 2024 – coined by biologist Edward O.Wilson to describe our innate need as humans to connect with nature and other forms of life around us. According to Wilson, this tendency – often referred to as biophilic affiliation – arises from our evolutionary adaptations that require finding resources and safe havens.

      When creating buildings or interior spaces, design experts often apply biophilic principles; this means incorporating things like views of nature, indoor plants or water features into architectural designs or interiors. Studies have shown that productivity improves in such environments while health outcomes also get better.

      Today’s furniture incorporates biophilia in a sleek modern fashion. For example, a green wall provides visual appeal as well as air purification and added moisture too. Meanwhile, earthy Acme Brick Zellige tile creates an authentic organic experience with its tones and textures that are reminiscent of nature.


        Modern furniture can bring sophistication and style to your home whether it’s sofas or coffee tables you’re looking for – just don’t forget about function!

        There are plenty of space-saving options available on the market such as storage compartments or folding chairs which are perfect for compact living.

        Last year green was having a moment; this year though designers have taken a more muted approach to the hue. Think grass-green shades or soft celadon/sage tones. A darker green will create depth and make a room feel larger; opt for larger area rugs over smaller ones too.


          One of today’s hottest trends in modern interior design is eco-friendly features including sustainable materials, natural lighting, living walls and other green features. Additionally, biophilia is often incorporated into eco-friendly designs as a way to reduce carbon emissions.

          Both terms refer to lighter environmental impacts while “green” refers to color. While many use these terms interchangeably, it is important that people understand what each actually means.

          Eco-friendly elements have many benefits for any custom home – increased energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality and lower utility bills among others. Find out more about incorporating sustainable features into your custom design today.


            Regularly, present-day furniture designs blend basic beauty into their appearance like flat boards, thin metal handles (or no handles at all), and materials such as stone or natural wood. While designing the interior of a house according to contemporary style, people normally use light colours in order to make it seem more spacious and install up-to-date appliances for convenience.

            Some home design trends are fleeting while others never go out of style. With a little bit of research you can find pieces that will work with your needs and wants when it comes to modern furniture and decor.

            This year’s green trend is not going anywhere – but instead of bright shades we are seeing softer greens such as sage or pistachio come into play. Early bedtimes and cozy luxury are in while podcasts, mindless scrolling on social media, impulse shopping have died down.