Ways to Avoid Having a Messy Bedroom During the Lockdown

Now that you have to stay more often in your house, your bedroom becomes messier. You spend more time working at home and do not leave your bedroom at all. Instead of finding more reasons to clean your house, you mess things up even more. There is still time for you to change this reality. These are some ways to avoid having a messy bedroom during this period. 

Remove boxes and containers

Your bedroom isn’t your storage room. Make sure you don’t keep loads of boxes inside the room since everything will look messy. Find somewhere else to store the items that you don’t need for now. If you already have a small bedroom, there’s no point in keeping boxes and other containers inside.

Always pick up trash

By simply picking up trash from the floor, you can instantly make the bedroom more comfortable. Buy a small bin where you can throw papers and wrappers. Don’t use your floor as the garbage bin. You have to do it often, or your bedroom will look messy. Besides, picking up trash doesn’t take a lot of time.

Make your bed before going out

It only takes a while to make your bed. You can do so without spending a lot of effort. Return the pillows and blankets to the right position before you hop out of your bedroom. Once you get back, everything will look more organised.

Install a built-in wardrobe

You could also consider installing a built-in wardrobe. It’s perfect for a bedroom of any size. Customisation is also possible based on your needs. The number of drawers, panels, and doors will depend on your needs. You can even select the materials based on your preference and how much you can afford to spend. You can partner with my fitted bedroom if you want to get started with your customised closet now.

Take out everything you don’t need

There are probably a lot of things in your bedroom that you don’t need. You hold on to them because you think that you might need them in the future. It’s time for you to consider throwing them away. If it’s been a year since you last used a specific item, there’s no way that you will suddenly need it. You should remove as many unnecessary things as possible. If you feel terrible that you will throw them away, you can donate them to charitable organisations. Another option is to sell them online. You can make money out of the things that you no longer need.

Don’t eat in your bedroom 

Your bedroom isn’t your dining room. Don’t bring food inside your bedroom even if you have to work from home. You should also avoid doing it while watching a movie using your bedroom television. If you feel hungry, you need to get out of your bedroom. Once you get yourself used to eating inside the bedroom, it will become a habit. You will soon notice insects crawling inside your bedroom due to crumbs on the floor. If you don’t want it to happen, you should eat elsewhere.

The point is that your bedroom is messy because of your actions. If you change your behaviour, it will be more organised