When To Get Your Locks Rekeyed

The peace of mind provided by good home security is hard to overstate, and a crucial part of that is making sure that your house’s locks remain effective. When locks become compromised by uncontrolled key access, that security is lost, potentially without you realizing it. Knowing when to turn to experts in lock rekeying Orlando goes a long way in keeping your family safe.

Moving In

It’s a common misconception that a newly bought home doesn’t need any changes to its locks because nobody else should be able to have access to the keys. In practice, there’s no certainty that you have sole access. Newly built homes likely have locks with a corresponding master key that builders and contractors would have or be able to acquire. As for previously owned homes, the keys have likely been in the hands of other parties, any of whom could have made copies. Rekeying locks ensures that you are the only one who has access.

Consolidating Your House Keys

Some homeowners insist on having locks with separate keys out of a sense of increased security. However, having locks be keyed alike is also common. This is done so that you only need a single house key instead of having a whole key ring for the doors into your home. It also makes it easier to have spare keys in case someone gets locked out by accident or you need to lend a spare to someone you trust. Keying locks alike generally requires that they all come from the same manufacturer, but this is often already the case.

When Not to Rekey

While fully replacing locks usually costs more and takes more time and labor, sometimes rekeying isn’t feasible. A cracked, warped or otherwise damaged locking mechanism cannot be repaired by rekeying, which only swaps out the pins. Rekeying also requires that the lock can be opened for disassembly, and if you have no matching keys available — typically because you lost the only existing copy — a locksmith may have to replace the lock instead.