When to Hire a Professional Sprinkler Repair Expert

An excellent sprinkler will help you irrigate your crops, lawns, golf courses, or landscapes. While a suitable device will last for several years, it is susceptible to damage and even old age. As such, you must understand when to consider taking this device to a professional for repair or maintenance. The following are the tell-tale signs that it is time to take your device to an expert.

Inadequate Pressure

Inadequate pressure implies that the sprinkler will not water your lawn or crops sufficiently. Once the sprinkler loses pressure in a specific zone or even head, it would be fitting to get professional help. That is because minimal pressure translates to insufficient water delivery to the yard. At the same time, too much pressure could wear out your device much sooner.

Loss of water pressure is often associated with partially closed preventer valves. As long as these preventer valves are not fully opening, expect a significant pressure loss. Further, clogs could cause pressure loss. These clogs will ensure that water does not jet out with the pressure you envision. A professional will help remove these clogs and ensure that the preventer valves are fully functional.

Uneven Watering

Most experts associate uneven watering with improper sprinkler system installation. Usually, this happens if the sprinkler heads are spaced incorrectly. If you install the system way too deep in the ground, you could also expect the issue. However, significant and sudden changes could indicate that the sprinkler system is wearing out or has dysfunctional internal elements.

Various steps go into identifying uneven watering. Usually, you will have to check out for dry patches of grass and pools of water in specific parts of the lawn. Irregular watering indicates an issue with the sprinkler head. A sprinkler repair Denver CO will help address this issue.

Sputtering Heads

You could refer to sputtering heads as coughing heads too. These sputtering heads often result from bad valves and pressure issues. You could also expect a sputter if the sprinkler head is cracked or broken. Sputters implies that the sprinkler will readily spray off-target.

An expert will help identify the real cause of the sputter. Thanks to the skills and expertise they boast, they will readily determine a perfect solution to the issue, ensuring that your device functions better. In addition, a professional will adjust the sprinkler heads to provide more even and targeted water spraying.

A Soggy Lawn

A soggy lawn shows that the device is not functioning accordingly. In most cases, such sogging shows that the sprinkler head is broken, rotated in the wrong direction, or clogged. If it is rotated in the wrong direction, handling the issue will be much easier. However, clogged and broken heads will need professional attention.

Further, an unusually high water bill should signify that you need professional help. It often shows that the device has unusual pressure or a broken head. Ensure that you take immediate action in either case, as overwatering your plants could have more adverse issues than underwatering them.

In conclusion, hiring a professional to handle your damaged sprinkler should be prioritized. The signs above imply that you need to take immediate action.