Why Are Filters Important for Air Compressors?

There are two air filters on an air compressor unit, one filtering the intake and the other filtering the output. These parts are essential to the safety and longevity of your equipment, and each has a unique impact on your compressor performance. It is crucial to inspect your air filters and replace them as they get clogged and on a schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

Compressed Air Filters

Air output compressor filters will remove any water, oil or particulates in the compressed air line between the compressor and the equipment using the air. Inspection of this filter can often tell you if there is rust or untypical wear on your motor. Different tools will need unique air quality specifications, but it is better to err on higher filtration than lower. Water getting into your pneumatic automotive tools can create rust on internal parts and mean more repair and maintenance costs while shortening equipment lifespans. You can find Donaldson compressed air filters from online parts suppliers which meet your specifications.

Input Air Filters

Arguably the air intake filter is the most important filter on your compressor unit because it protects the motor, tank and hoses from any dust or debris pulled in with the air. While most of the particulates filtered out will gum up the works, there is a potential for motor fires when working around flammable or combustible substances such as oil, gasoline and sawdust. Intake filters will usually need to be replaced more regularly than compressed air filters, so it is vital to check them often.

Regular inspection and replacement of your air compressor’s filters will help the unit and attached equipment work better for longer. There are two types of filters on most compressor units, an intake one and an output one, to keep environmental particulates out of the motor and internal water or debris from your attached pneumatics.