Why Should You Invest in Professional Home Decluttering Services?

Clutter wreaks havoc on our minds, overwhelming our brains with too much sensory information. This can make it difficult to focus and lead to more stress.

A professional organizer can help you streamline chores, reduce clutter, and get your home in tip-top shape. Most services offer packages starting at $55 per hour.


With Marie Kondo practically a household name and other home organization philosophies, like Swedish Death Cleaning, catching on, it’s clear that decluttering is having a moment. However, not all organizing services are created equal. Some are more niche or offer additional benefits.

Whether you need help downsizing before a move, chronic disorganization, or even maximizing space in an overcrowded apartment, a professional organizer can help. They can also bring a fresh perspective and ask the hard questions to get you to make decisions.

Many local or regional home organization services focus on particular areas, such as closets and offices. For example, NYC-based Done & Done Home offers closet organizing and home staging, while Neat Method provides organizational advice for luxury homeowners. Another popular service is Handy, an app that connects you with talented local organizers specializing in homes and offices.


Professional home decluttering services often charge between $30 and $400 an hour. They work with you to bring efficiency to your digital or physical spaces and teach you tools to use moving forward.

If you are a chronically disorganized person who needs to clear out clutter before selling your apartment or have health issues that make it difficult to tidy up, it’s worth investing in these services. They are also helpful if you’re preparing to move to a new apartment or have recently moved and need help settling in your new space.

In addition to decluttering your living spaces, these businesses can assist with e-clutter and office clutter, bill paying, multimedia organization, photo albums, and more. They can also help you with decisions about what to keep or sell.


Clutter can lead to increased stress levels, which negatively affects your health. A professional declutterer can help you bring order to your home and life by implementing organizational systems that meet your unique needs. They can also teach you helpful tips for keeping your home organized after they’re gone.

Professional Home Decluttering Services Clinton IL, can be a significant investment, whether you need to get your house in shape before selling it, want to make the most of your space after kids leave, or are trying to tackle clutter build-up on the back burner for years. They’ll take care of everything from picking out the items that belong in donation or discard piles to putting them into a practical, intuitive storage system that works for you.


Suppose you are decluttering to prepare your home for sale. In that case, a professional organizer can help you maximize space and create functional systems that make maintaining a clean and organized home easier. They can also help you eliminate unwanted items and repurpose items with little value.

Many home organization services offer a variety of packages, including general decluttering, garage cleanouts, and attic cleanings. They charge an hourly rate and can bring a Dumpster to your home for larger projects.

Some services, like Done & Done Home, donate or consign unneeded items and offer an online course on organizational skills. Others, like Handy, provide an easy-to-use platform that connects clients with local professionals. They typically charge around $55 an hour.


Clutter profoundly affects your mental health, often increasing stress and anxiety. This can be due to the overwhelming sensation of a messy home or the frustration of finding something you need.

A professional declutterer can help to relieve these issues by tackling the clutter and creating an organized space for you. They will not only give you a clean and tidy room but also provide you with tips and tricks for keeping your home organized after they are gone.

Unlike traditional cleaning services, decluttering and organizing professionals can also help you remove unwanted belongings through donation, consignment, or selling them on platforms like eBay. This reduces the amount of junk in your home and makes it easier to dust and hoover.