Kitchen Design New Trends

When it comes to kitchen design trends, colour is one of the top contenders. While neutral tones remain popular, the latest trend is to pair up bright shades with pastels. Adding splashes of colour will brighten up the room and emphasize specific features. Colourful accents are particularly effective on ceiling-height cabinets or a central kitchen island. But whether you decide to go bold or go neutral, be sure to stay within your budget.

One way to incorporate open shelving into your kitchen is to install custom-sized shelving. While open shelving is attractive and allows you to display your favorite collections, it can also sacrifice valuable storage space. As more people live under one roof, you should consider other storage solutions. In addition to custom-sized shelves, you can also look for built-in organization. This can help you avoid a cluttered and crowded kitchen. Adding a larder cabinet is the ultimate status symbol!

While bold colors are still hot in the design world, more subtle accents can make a dramatic impact in a small kitchen. For example, a curved island is an unusual addition to an otherwise plain space. The result will be a streamlined and open feeling. And if you want to get more creative, you can use artwork in the kitchen to make it more interesting. While this is not as trendy as a bold wall or a statement piece, it will still add character.

With the new year comes a fresh perspective. While white or wood-toned materials will remain the backbone of most kitchens, pops of color will appear on island bases and custom cabinetry. While blues of all shades are still in high demand as accent colors, homeowners are branching out and incorporating vibrant greens, dark reds, and more. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, you’ll want to stay ahead of the curve!

Green and blue colors are two of the top colors for the kitchen, and these colors will continue to be the mainstay of kitchen color schemes in the coming year. Although gray is a popular neutral, designers predict that it’s soon to be replaced by other colors. Other color trends to consider include pastels, wooden cabinetry, and natural tones. If you’re looking for a more dramatic look in your kitchen, wood grain is also rising in popularity.

For a vintage look, try adding an antique or custom-designed signature item. Use unique materials, tones, and hidden storage solutions to add character. Adding a sink skirt, a traditional kitchen design trend, adds texture and pattern while adding nostalgic appeal. You can also try replacing the base cabinet doors with pleated curtains. These curtains are hung on a decorative rod and are often in vibrant colors. These are just a few of the kitchen design trends worth considering in 2017.

Marble countertops are another kitchen design trend that’s making a comeback. While the modern trend is to opt for a modern kitchen design, marble countertops are making a comeback. Marble countertops, especially those with thick veins, add a high-end feel to any kitchen. The bigger the veins, the better for the kitchen design. Marble countertops are usually the focal point of the kitchen, but it doesn’t hurt to have something eye-catching around them.