Marble Flooring Patterns for Your Home

Marble flooring is the most luxurious of all natural stone floors and is the choice of many homeowners. However, its high cost, per tile and installation costs, make it a more expensive material than other options. Some popular designs include the Herringbone Pattern, which uses alternating rows of darker and lighter colored tiles. Other popular patterns include the regular pattern, which uses large-sized tiles. This style works well in large rooms. The Herringbone Pattern is one of the most popular floor patterns, so it is worth a look in your home.

Another great use of marble flooring is in the foyer. Its unique design gives an artistic flair to the room and anchors the dining room table. You can even install marble flooring in the master bathroom for a luxury look and feel. If you want to give your home a more luxurious feel, you can choose a design that reflects your sense of style. However, remember to choose carefully. There are some advantages and disadvantages to marble flooring.

Although marble is a luxurious material, it is also expensive to install. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $7 per square foot. Installation of marble can also vary depending on its pattern. More complex designs like mosaics, motifs, and borders may increase the cost. If you plan to install marble on a new floor, remember to ask the contractor about any existing subflooring. Otherwise, it may cost you more than you thought.

A dark, rich colour is another option that will make your flooring look luxurious. If you want something a little more bold, you can opt for brown marble. It comes in several shades of brown and irregular veining. The subtle tones of this marble look great in living rooms, and it gives off an elegant aura. Another choice is light grey marble with speckles of silver and beige. It looks great in any room, and makes for a dramatic statement.

When planning a living room, you should keep in mind the function of the room. Are you planning to use it as a family room or a game room? If so, make sure to factor in storage space. Built-ins are an ideal option for this, but they may cost a little more. You can also incorporate built-ins into your living room if you have the budget for it. Alternatively, you can choose a traditional style living room, which includes an attractive marble floor.

Carrara marble is another elegant and timeless option for your floors. This stone is highly durable and beautiful, and can be used in a wide range of interior design projects. Carrara marble has a white background with subtle gray veining and is an economical choice. Because of its rarity and beauty, Carrara marble is used in high-end homes and is coveted by many. Its white background and dark veining patterns make it an ideal choice for floors.