Reliable Kitchen Upgrades

If you’re thinking about upgrading your kitchen, either for yourself or to boost your home’s resale value, you might be wondering where to start. Do you really need to update that backsplash or will that just cost you money and time? Will brushed steel still be in fashion? Before you commit to any upgrades, think about whether they are the kind of upgrades that will reliably hold value.


Countertops are generally a safe upgrade to make, but they can’t be just any old countertops. Granite is probably already springing to your mind, but quartz countertop Bohemia NY or your area will work too. Really, any durable countertop in a color that won’t show mess is a good investment.


A high-quality stove is a reliably good investment too. Gas is often preferable, as it provides faster cooking and it’s cheaper, but electric and induction stoves are easier to clean so there are tradeoffs. The finish is a matter of taste and trend, so don’t feel like you have to get the latest new style unless it’s what goes with your color scheme and all your other appliances.


Anything you can do to add more functional workspace is going to be a good investment. This can take many different forms. Adding counter space with an island is obviously one, but if you’re out of room to add more countertops you can also try rearranging the appliances and counters you have to make more continuous work surfaces. The flow will be the most important consideration there. Where is your prep area? Where do your dishes dry? Where does the coffee pot go?

Kitchen upgrades should make a kitchen more functional, not less. All the trendy backsplashes in the world won’t save you from inconvenient work areas and awkwardly placed, low-quality appliances. When it comes to kitchen upgrades, function outweighs form every time.