6 Ways To Welcome Guests on Your Boat

One of the best ways to entertain your family and friends is to take them boating for an afternoon. Whether you have owned your boat for years or just purchased your first watercraft, you’ll want to be ready to take guests along. Here are six ways to help everyone have an enjoyable experience on the water.

1. Review Safety Tips

Everyone will feel more at ease if they know what to do in case of an emergency. Review safety guidelines before you leave the dock, and then be sure to follow them.

2. Plan Activities

Ask your guests in advance what activities they might enjoy. Will they want to fish, snorkel, waterski or surf? Bring the needed equipment to meet their requests.

3. Accommodate All Ages

From the moment they board until they leave your boat, make sure all ages feel welcome. Think of children and the elderly you have invited. Do you have life jackets that will fit each person? When people jump out of the boat, do you have an under mount swim platform ladder so they can easily climb back in?

4. Check on Their Comfort

Throughout the day, check that your guests are comfortable. Little things like a dry towel, shade and sunscreen can make all the difference for a successful adventure.

5. Have Plenty of Food and Drink

A well-stocked cooler filled with water and other beverages is a must! Sandwiches and salads made in advance create an easy lunch that is perfect on a boat. You can enjoy eating on board or go ashore for your meal — and don’t forget plenty of snacks.

6. Be Prepared With Music

Be sensitive to your guests when selecting music. Grandma and Grandpa won’t really enjoy new age music blasting at a high volume all day long. Perhaps everyone can take turns choosing their favorite songs.

The excitement that accompanies a boating trip with family and friends can create long-lasting memories. Preparing for the safety and comfort of each of your guests will help ensure their memories are good ones.