Ways to Reduce Cost of a Heavy Digger

Ways to Reduce Cost of a Heavy Digger

In the construction industry, heavy diggers are simply indispensable. These diggers are used for excavation, grading, demolition, landscaping and earth moving. Heavy diggers are very expensive and this is why many contractors prefer to hire instead of buying this particular equipment. Even when you hire heavy diggers, you still end up spending a lot of cash because you incur operational costs. Below are some smart ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger.

1. Compare Various Hire Companies
One way to cut cost is to select a heavy digger company that offers relatively low rates. Generally, hiring firms offer the same equipment for hire. However, they do not hire out their heavy diggers at the same rates. Now, this is where you have to use your head. Do not hire your heavy digger from the first company you come across. Take your time, get quotations from different firms, and go for the company that offers you competitive rates. You should have the following things at the back of your mind:

*Patronize a firm that offers flexible packages.

*Select a firm that offers different types of equipment for hire. For instance, you want to hire a bulldozer and an excavator. If you hire both from the same company you are likely to get a better deal than you would if you hired each one from a different firm.

*Get your equipment along with the relevant attachments. When you hire a heavy digger, you should insist that it comes with attachments like grapples, buckets, augers and grading blades. This will definitely save you money because you will spend more money if you hire these attachments separately.

After you have done your due diligence, you should ask for quotes. Go with the quote that ticks all the right boxes and you will save money.

2. Get a Serviced Digger
If you hire a heavy digger and it breaks down while you are using it for your operation, you will end up spending good money repairing it. Clearly, this is not what you want because it is bad for your budget. You can avoid this unpleasant situation by hiring a serviced heavy digger. For best results, you should only hire a heavy digger if the hiring company has serviced and repaired the equipment. The best way to ensure the heavy digger is in good shape is to inspect it before you hire.

Before you hire a heavy digger, you should ensure the electrical system, hydraulic system, undercarriage and the attachment system are in good working order. Make sure all the controls are working properly and verify that all the fluids have been changed. If the hiring company has serviced and repaired the equipment you want to hire, you will not incur any unnecessary expenses.

3. Hire an Experienced Operator

When you hire a heavy digger, you should also hire an experienced operator. This might seem like an unwanted additional cost but it is actually a smart move. A competent and experienced operator will save you money in the long run. If the hiring company offers you this option, you should go for it.

An experienced operator will give you fast and efficient service. This means you save time and eliminate mistakes. The best part is that if the operator damages the equipment, you will not be liable…the plant hire firm will pay for the damage.

Final Thoughts
If you want to hire earthmoving equipment for your construction projects, you should get in touch with us at FGS Plant. We offer flexible packages and our prices are competitive. Contact us today and we will meet all your needs.